How to know what type of fabric to buy …

Buying fabric can be super addictive (trust me, I know) but there are ways to control your addiction and that is by knowing the type of fabric you should use for your craft.

Whether it’s for dressmaking or scatter cushions, knowing your fabric will ensure you don’t have a box full of fabric you have to hide from the other half because you’ve spent too much money on it.

There is definitely not enough time to talk through them all so here are just a few of the main ones:









CottonĀ is probably the most versatile fabric. It is used for literally anything from jeans to shirts and cushions to lampshades; it can be used for anything.

However with cotton there are also a number of different types of weights which determine how it should be used. For example, a heavy weight cotton would be used for jeans or lampshades as it is made it be extremely durable, whereas lightweight cotton is used for cushions and shirts.


Woven linen is an extremely lightweight fabric and is really easy to sew. It does tend to crease alot so if you are using this for dressmaking just be aware. Linen is a bit more.expensive that cotton so you want to make sure you use it right – normally for summer clothes to keep you nice and cool.


Silk is the most expensive fabric out of the ones listed and is actually quite difficult to sew as it can fray and bunch up easily. Silk is often used for luxury underwear and dresses


Rather than sewing, wool can be knitted or woven to make warm winter jumpers or scarves. Although you may be a sewing bee, knitting is actually quite easy to learn, I’ll pop a post soon!

Polyester orĀ Poly-cotton


Synthetically woven, poly-cotton is normally really light-weight and just as versatile as Cotton. This is a blend of polyester and cotton and is usually the cheapest of the fabric, ideal for children’s toys or pillows.

Happy buying!